• You like my tights? I wanna step on your balls :) »

    You like my tights?  I wanna step on your balls :)

    Alexis is wearing nothing but opaque black footless tights.  She has the slave on the floor and straddles him.  While she's teasing him she tells him that her friends want her to stomp his cock and balls, "And you're going to love it :)"  He begs her not to but she gets right to work, giggling and teasing in the sweetest way while she crushes his cock and balls. 


    She has his legs spread and steps on his balls with all her weight, "wanna see how far your balls can go down?  come on…..  it's a fun game [giggle]"  


    She really starts to seriously hurt him and says, "Awe, are you gonna cry?"  She really sounds like she cares, and this she gets his balls in her toes and twists them and giggles….   She is not shy at all about putting all her weight on his cock, crushing it against his stomach…. 


    She comments on how small his dick is under her feet, then leaves him crippled on the floor as she smiles and walks away…..

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